Robot and Drone at your service

Working together and autonomously on warehouse inventories

4.0 Inventory

Schedule your inventory service to be performed by a mobile robot base attached to a drone that, operating automatically, captures images and recognizes bar codes and QRCodes from the warehouses.

Robot as a Service

Client sets an appointment

Partner accepts the appointment

Partner performs the inventory with Toribot

Client gets reports and sync with their own systems via API

Two reductions and two increases
Eliminates the need for leasing equipment, forklifts, data collectors and allocating staff overtime
Continuous operation, without rest or need for double counting, with photo taking and code capture by base and drone simultaneously
Eliminates the need to risk elevator falls, damage to products or even with forklifts and other machinery and equipment
No fatigue and human errors, uses visual computing and artificial intelligence for code and product recognition
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We are experts in software development, robotics and IoT
GiuSoft's experience of more than 29 years in infrastructure, network security and systems development in several areas has established a foundation for the creation of more robust and secure software and devices.
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